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Home Sweet Home

In the Spring of 2001 I was laid off from my job in the Fiber Optics
industry in Ottawa during a downturn in the industry. I moved to my
cabin in the woods and through the encouragement of a neighbor, became
a beeswax candle maker. This was the beginning of my mission to
" Spread the Light ".

My first candles were crude yet functional candles that were made with a
tomato paste can as a mould and beeswax heated in an enamel coffee pot on
a hot plate. I started my first beeswax candle company with $20 and within
a couple of years I was producing 50,000 beeswax candles per year, supplying
stores coast to coast to coast. It was during the early years that I discovered
how to make silicone rubber moulds which increased my production efficiency .
The other benefit of making my own silicone candle moulds was that I was able
to create original and unique candle designs. The other important discovery was
the development of a gentle yet effective technique to clean beeswax to candle
grade quality. I began to really understand that beeswax required special care
to clean properly. Filtering with T-shirt material or J-cloth did nothing more
than remove the large dirt particles that were visible to the naked eye. What
was required was a technique to remove the microscopic dirt particles and the
honey in the beeswax, while retaining all the therapeutic properties of the beeswax.

I started my sales career at a local Farmer's Market in Perth , ON. and expanded
from there to local Community Craft sales. Over time , as the business grew , I
found myself exhibiting at some of the large Health Products Shows around Canada.
It was at one of these local Community Craft Shows that I met a potter exhibiting
her stoneware , who would later become my wife.

In the Fall of 2004 I was diagnosed with colon cancer and required surgery.
I sold my first beeswax candle business and took a year off the recuperate.
During the recovery process I had time to reflect on my career path and direction,
and it was at this time I decided to share my knowledge of beeswax candle making
and started to offer workshops and sell beeswax candle making supplies. Over the
next few years I started and sold several beeswax candle businesses and beeswax
candle supplies businesses and condensed all my beeswax candle making knowledge
into two beeswax candle making booklets.

Home Sweet Home

During the Summer of 2009 I married my wife and moved into her home on a
50 acre farm near the Village of Tweed , ON. As well as being an accomplished
sculptor and potter , she was also a beeswax candle maker with several years
of experience working with some of the largest beeswax candle companies in Canada.

In the Spring of 2010 I started my first beekeeping supplies business in Ontario,
and over the course of the next few years I sold it and started another bee supplies
business in Vancouver. During the Spring of 2016 my wife crushed her foot in a farm
accident and I dislocated my knee at work, so I put my bee supplies business in B.C.
up for sale and returned home to Ontario to recuperate along with my wife. In the
mean time I opened another bee supplies business , candle supplies business and a
beeswax candle business.

Over the past fifteen years I have helped thousands of beekeepers and beeswax
candle makers fulfill their goals , whether as a hobbyist or a as business.
Now, I am slowing down in my semi retirement while still keeping my hand in the
industry on a smaller scale. Although I don't offer workshops anymore or sell
silicone rubber moulds, I have decided to still offer premium quality beeswax
candles, made with moulds of my own designs , by mail order through this website.

Ian and Jo-Ann Fraser

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