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Candle Flame Meditation

Light a candle.
Turn off the lights and sit down one or two feet away.
Stare at the candle flame for several minutes;
just watch the flame.
When the mind wanders and is carried away by thought,
notice that distraction and gently bring it back to
totally paying attention to the flame.

Burning candle

Watch the flame.
See the flame.
See fire burn.
Watch the flame;
go into the flame.
become the flame.

Suddenly, snuff out the candle.
And close your eyes.
Watch the afterimage of the flame
forming on the inside of your eyelids.
Watch the flame.
See the flame.
Go into the flame.

Be flame.
Let go
and dissolve
into the clear light within
the natural mind -
and just like that
without further effort

Lama Surya Das
" Awakening The Buddha Within "